Berichten van Kerrock

Kerrock facade

Kerrock facade

It only takes one look to feel its greatness.

Durability. Quality. Kerrock.

Kerrock ventilated facade prevents loss of warmth in winter and preserves optimal climatic conditions in interior spaces in summer.

In collaboration with an architectural company from Romania, we’ve prepared a Kerrock facade with circular motifs. Let yourself be impressed by the view of the artwork, placed in coexistence with the Black Sea.




Architects inpiration:
“Villa Olimp” is an architectural project boasting many marine details. It is composed of two separate volumes, traversed through one pathway that is open towards the always changing horizon of the Black Sea.

Architects inspiration:
The house is at the same time separate and together, swaying between the two opposing conditions. Therefore, as the owners themselves claim, the imagined architectural space takes on a palpable character, leaving an imprint on time and its perception.


Get to know the creative and production process of making a Kerrock facade. Get to know the versatile Kerrock material.


Why Kerrock facade?

  • Unlimited design options
  • Choice of custom colours
  • Choice of dimension and thickness of custom made panels
  • UV resistance
  • Creating 3D shapes
  • Invisible joints
  • Optimal climatic conditions in the building in summer and winter
  • Easy and simple facade renovation



Architects inspiration:
On the horizontal levels of this villa, we can determine 3 distinct areas: the front lawn, the building and the backyard. Then we travel 32 steps down to discover the pool, which descends with the land into the sea. The cross-ends of the property preserve its intimacy through high concrete walls and linear vegetation.


Whatever you imagine, we can make it happen. Kerrock.


Project: Villa Olimp
Location: Olimp, Romania
Architecture: Phenomena laboratory
Material: Kerrock UV, 8 mm, 108 snow white
Area: 1,200 m²
Production and installation of facade: Kolpa, d.d. Metlika, Slovenia
Photo credit: Cosmin Dragomir

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